June 24, 2017 by
by Tréa Lavery
Creating a successful data science program enables you to look deeper into your organization's data for analytics uses. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the data science process.
1. Which of the following best describes the principal goal of data science?
2. What is the primary difference between a data scientist and a data engineer?
3. A recommended strategy for establishing a data science team is:
4. True or false? The number of data science jobs far outnumbers the supply of data scientists.
5. Some companies are integrating aspects of the scientific method into their data science processes, such as following experimental procedures. What is one benefit of doing this?
6. True or false? Research scientists trained in disciplines such as physics don't make good data scientists because they often lack a business or technology background.
7. All of the following are examples of effective data science techniques except:
8. Can smaller businesses take advantage of data science initiatives even if they can't afford the high price tag of a dedicated data science team?
Cynthia Hoskey
Your answers are kind of messed up. Many of them are truncated and one question has an answer that seems like it's from an unrelated article or something.
Jay Gimple
Thank you for pointing this out. I will look into this.